UK Cloud Cover: Snow Warning for Travel Disruption

UK Cloud Cover Snow Warning for Travel Disruption

A warning has been issued across parts of the UK as heavy snowfall risks travel disruption and will be possible power cuts. The Met Office has alerted of notable snow accumulation, particularly in higher areas, with temperatures expected to drop throughout the week.

According to the Met Office, a yellow snow warning has been issued covering much of Wales, northern and central England, starting from on 03:00, 08 February 2024, Thursday am until 09 February 2024, Friday 03:00 am. Regions from Cumbria and the Scottish barrier down to Cambridgeshire and the Midlands may be damaged according to this update.

Forecasts suggest one to two centimeters of snow may accumulate at low levels, while higher areas above 200 meters could see 2-5 centimeters, with as much as 10-20 centimeters above 400 meters.

There’s a risk of electricity cuts, travel holds, and some rural residents’ electricity becoming cut off due to the heavy snowfall, the forecaster warned.

The snow is anticipated to ease later in the day, possibly turning into rain or drizzle, especially in southern and eastern regions. However, there remains uncertainty regarding the rain-snow boundary and the northern extent of the snowfall.

As the snow risk diminishes towards the end of the warning period, it may transition into sleet and rain from the south. Additionally, further warnings for ice could be issued later in the week as temperatures drop below average for this time of year.

With the onset of wintry conditions, travelers are advised to stay updated on weather forecasts and take necessary precautions to minimize disruption.

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