Delhi Foggy Days, Poor visibility disrupts Residence and travelers in Indian capital

Delhi Foggy Days, Poor visibility disrupts Residence and travelers in Indian capital

Dense fog has descended upon India’s capital, Delhi, leading to widespread travel disruptions, affecting both flights and trains. Approximately 50 flights and nearly two dozen trains have faced delays as a result of the poor visibility caused by the thick fog.

According to data from the flight tracking app Flightradar24, departing flights experienced an average delay of 25 minutes, while arrivals were delayed by eight minutes. Passengers have expressed frustration over being stranded for hours at the airport.


50+ flights delayed, some by hours.
20+ trains delayed, adding to frustration.
Airport warns: Some flights may be diverted due to poor visibility.
Expect delays: Moderate fog and light rain forecast for Komende days.

Delhi airport authorities had issued a flight advisory earlier in the week, urging passengers to contact their respective airlines for the latest flight information. The advisory highlighted that flights not respectful with CAT III runways, which facilitate landings during poor visibility, might be impacted.

In addition to flight delays, about 20 trains operated by the northern railways were also delayed on Wednesday, adding to the travel chaos in the region.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) reported that visibility dropped to zero (O) in some specific localities due to the dense fog. Videos and photos spread on social media depicted a thick blanket of fog enveloping roads and shrouding buildings across different areas of Delhi and its suburbs.

The IMD has further forecasted light rains attended by breezy winds for Wednesday. Additionally, moderate fog is predicted for the upcoming days.

Dense fog is a common occurrence in Delhi and northern India during the winter months. However, this season has witnessed particularly challenging conditions, with Delhi experiencing its coldest January in 13 years. The maximum temperature recorded in the city is 17.7°C, making it the coldest January since 2009. Nights have also been exceptionally cold, marking the chilliest January since 2013, according to a report from the IMD. Travel disruptions due to fog have been a recurring issue this winter, with more than 100 flights being delayed in December and similar chaos in January. Passengers are advised to stay updated on the latest travel information and take necessary precautions during this period of challenging weather conditions in Delhi.

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